This is a problem for a lot of artists. Frames are expensive. Make your own? Not for me. I am no carpenter.

To make frames I think you need the space to work, a workbench, measuring stuff, hammering stuff – all that ‘man’ kind of thing!

Over the years I have always got my watercolours and prints framed.
My art work in oils on board and canvas can look after themselves.

If you want to know my current position, I have just been up to the Royal Academy Framers, behind the Royal Academy in Piccadilly.
The oil painting I took with me is destined for the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy this year, 2011.
Its difficult to find the entrance. I was told it is near the Academy Schools entrance, and so it is, but it is disguised as the entrance to the entrails of the Academy, a big doorway with a view of various – what look like – screens or flats from a theatre.
The framers entrance is a little door on the right here, easy to miss. There is no sign.
My painting will be ready in about three weeks time.
The other oil painting for the Summer Exhibition is to be framed by a local small business, which I have used once before.
They seem excellent.
I thought I would see if the chance of my work being accepted had any relationship to what kind of frame it is in.

Another framer I use regularly is Gleeson Framers, in Coombe Lane, Raynes Park. Lisa Gleeson has been a framer for years, and I have used her for my art work for a long time, since before she moved to smart new premises in Coombe Lane.

Gleeson Framers