My new oil painting is nearing completion.

I have used sketches from my vacation in Jamaica last November, when we stayed near Dunn’s River Falls, Ocho Rios.

The beach there was ideal for beach volleyball as it was flat and cleaned everyday.

The other people and the staff at the resort were keen on the game.  There was a change in teams everyday, depending on who was around.  Most people wore bikinis, swim suits or baggy shorts and tee shirts.

Everyday they played and most days when on the beach, I sat and sketched in the shade. The best time was late afternoon when the light was muted and shadows long.  It was a friendly time, with people watching but nobody getting too stressed if the game went the wrong way.  I took a lot of photos too and they are on Flickr.  A nice drink with clinking ice cubes made all the difference.

Pencil sketch beach volleyball

Pencil sketch in Jamaica, beach volleyballBeach volleyball players, pencil sketch in Jamaica