Wanted to see London Olympic Stadium and ArcelorMittal Orbit. I found that The View Tube is the place to visit.
It is a square green building made of shipping containers, and according to the website, includes a cafe, education, arts and information spaces.

In the friendly cafe, called The Container Cafe at the View Tube, you can sit with your coffee or ginger beer (in our case) and eat bacon baguettes (excellent) and admire the building site, with the dark red, half-finished steel sculpture of Anish Kapoor, the ArcelorMittel Orbit, on view through the big windows.

To get there, go to Pudding Mill Lane station on the Docklands Light Railway – one stop from Stratford. It’s a few minutes walk from there.
I can recommend a visit. There are lots to see, particularly if you like watching lorries and excavators, trains and cranes, (boy’s toys). Outside is a pleasant garden with benches, with passing trains and a canal for additional interest. Apparently it gets very busy at the weekends now. You can buy beers after 4 pm, an added bonus! The Greenway is a path going past the View Tube which is a footpath for those wanting a longer walk. We saw a few cyclists too.

I made a couple of pencil sketches, which are here

View Tube London Olympic

View Tube, London Olympic Site

ArcelorMittal Orbit sculpture Anish Kapoor

Anish Kapoor steel sculpture sketch