Urban Sketchers (London) Group has a good size membership of keen sketchers now. It has been going just over a year.

I try to attend the ‘sketch crawls’ as much as I can. ┬áIn the past year I was able to go to draw with the Group in The City of London near St Paul’s Cathedral, to The Mall and St James’s Park, Westminster and with another sketching group called Drawing London on Location, in Regent’s Park, London.

REgent's Park

The childrens’ Boating Lake in Regent’s Park London, with pedaloes and geese.

St James's Park

St James’s Park, near The Mall, London during the VE Day parade and march past of the Veterans (1940-1945)

st Martin's in the Fields

St Martin’s in the Fields Church porch, in Trafalgar Square when HM The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh attended a servicee

Tank in The Mall

This Second World War tank replica was on display in The Mall, London on the VE Day Commemorations, 2015

Regent's Park

Regent’s Park London, the Boathouse Cafe, Spring 2015

London Fire Fighters

Statue commemorating the London Fire Brigade and their work during the London Blitz during the 1940-1945 war

Shaun the Sheep

One of the many Shaun the Sheep statues in the City of London, near St Paul’s Cathedral. A charity event 2015, during the winter time

Millennium Bridge, River Thames

Near St Paul’s Cathedral there is the Millennium bridge over the River Thames, it is called the Wobbly Bridge ( by us Londoners). The Blackfriars bridge is in the background.

Briths Museum

The British Museum had an exhibition with a Napoleonic theme last winter, 2015

Mitsubishi gallery

The Mitsubishi Gallery in the British Museum, the Urban Sketchers went there in winter 2015

Festival Hall London

London’s South Bank, visited by the group Drawing London on Location. This is a view from the Festival Hall

Festival Hall view

The South Bank of River Thames, another view from the Royal Festival Hall

British Museum

British Museum, London, the Mitsubishi Gallery with permanent exhibition of Japanese statues, armour, ceramics and other works of art

Waterloo bridge

View of Waterloo Bridge, over the River Thames from the South Bank, January 2015